New green mortgage product launched

BuildStore has introduced an eco-mortgage product for people looking to build their homes in environmentally friendly way.

Committed to increasing accessibility and affordability for people who want to build an environmentally-friendly house, BuildStore says that the mortgage rates will be up to 0.75 per cent lower than lenders' SVR (4.99 per cent).

To be eligible for this product, applicants will have to meet a number of criteria regarding building materials, energy consumption and green energy generation.

Raymond Connor, of BuildStore, says that an increasing number of Brits want to build a home that would be green from top to bottom.

BuildStore’s eco-product is considered to be a true eco mortgage solution that will enable people to create greener homes and ensure their homes are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Those who will take out this mortgage will be able to take advantage of the company’s extensive expertise in this sector.

The self-build project has been introduced at the Big Green Home Show, which took place at The National Self Build and Renovation Centre in Swindon in the end of October.



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